Hiccups and horseboxes

We’re being very productive at the moment, crossing things off our to do lists with flourishes every day. We’ve now been through everything that was in storage. We have a small and methodically boxed up heap of stuff coming with us, I notice six of the boxes contain books which is a very high proportion of our belongings but a pitifully small amount of what we used to have. Ady overheard Star talking to the soft toys she was planning to put into storage, telling each of them in turn that she loved them and would miss them. It made me cry and as a result we’ll find space somewhere to bring them!

Yesterday we also crossed off finding a vehicle and trailer from our list. A well connected friend managed to find both for us, coming in under our budget for the two. We’ll be collecting our new 4×4 and horse box (not intending on ever using it for horses mind you) before we head up to Rum.

our new best friend!

Today we’ve had a carpet fitter round to measure up and quote for replacing the carpet in our house ready to rent it out again. Odd to think the carpet we’ve had for nearly 20 years will go and the replacement will be enjoyed as brand new carpet by someone else!

In other, slightly disconcerting news there has been a delay with the paperwork for the croft which means our arrival date is less certain. Hopefully the delay will be short and we won’t be homeless and drifting for too long!

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