Happy Birthday Davies

(And yes, this has sneakily been back dated!)

Back in September we celebrated Davies’ 21st birthday. As Scarlett’s 18th had been at the end of last year it was a lower key celebration than we may have planned in other times with less opportunity for travel, meeting up with family and friends, but it was a lovely day nonetheless.

As usual the ‘birthdayee’ gets to choose all food and activities for the day. As usual Davies chose pizza for lunch

and as it was a beautiful autumnal day we had a walk in the local woodlands which were filled with gorgeous falling leaves, fantastic fungi and once we were there lots of chatter and laughter.

This a recreation of one of my favourite photos of Davies and Scarlett hugging a tree which is the screensaver on all of my devices.

as always the day was rounded off with a piled up plateful of birthday brownies.

Every celebration and marking of a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other festive time as a family is so very precious.

I’m never entirely sure whether official grown-up-dom starts at 16, 18 or 21 and to be honest despite having celebrated 47 birthdays of my own I am fairly sure I’m still not a grown up but Davies is certainly an adult now and a very fine one he is too.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful son – Davies (Dragon in the early days of this blog), an amazing man who lights up our days, weeks, months, years and lives with his humour, creativity, kindness, steady personality and intelligence.

The world is a better place for having Davies in it and we are so very fortunate to have shared his life with him.

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