Further adventures with the polytunnel

The polytunnel is now in action 🙂

Ady fashioned a door with more leftover wood. It wedges in and has two twirly bits of wood to hook it closed. When (if) summer eventually arrives we will also hang a piece of netting over the door to allow it to be left open in high temperatures but keep pesky chickens out.

polytunnel door on

Ady has cut down all the grass inside and put a row of shelves along one side. We will put paving slabs down the centre to make a walkway and intend transplanting our strawberries into a permanent bed in there once they are over for this year. We will put shelves down the other side and then plant everything else into containers. We have a massive collection of recycled containers to plant into – fish boxes scavenged from the beaches here on Rum where they wash up regularly, large tubs which we used to buy crisps in bulk in, vegetable trays which we have collected from the old hostel and shop (the sort mushrooms come in).

I have been sowing seeds – ignoring the dates on the seed packets and just going with what I have I have sown wild garlic, beetroot, asparagus, asparagus peas, borage, nasturtiam, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, courgettes. I know it may well be too late in the season but I am hoping with our delayed summer, the polytunnel heat and the long days we may get something happening. I’ll get some herbs sown next time it is midge free enough to get in there again.

I made some comfrey tea by adding chopped leaves of comfrey to rainwater in a plastic container. It should take about a month before it is ready and then it will be an excellent feed for the plants diluted with more water.

comfrey tea

In other news my netting arrived on the boat today so as soon as we can get back outside (midge hell 2015 has landed!) I will be getting the rest of the raised beds licked into shape, weeded, netted and planted up.

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