Forever April

Ady commented yesterday that living on Rum is forever living in April. Sunshine, showers, sunshine, showers. It is true the weather does seem to do that regardless of the season. It is truly the island of the rainbow.

April is a month that has many parallels with life here generally though. Just coming out of one season or story, about to emark upon another. Always leaving something behind but heading towards the next bit – harsh winter behind, midge filled summer ahead…

Emotionally and challenges and victories wise it feels like we’re forever in sunshine or showers here too. Someone said to us early in our time here on Rum that everything here feels magnified, more intense. And it’s true. A delivery not coming or a boat being cancelled feels HUGE, one bad day leaves you feeling stranded in your own life without the possibility of getting a takeaway, going to the cinema, heading into town for some retail therapy. All of those tried and tested pick you up methods we relied on in our previous lives just aren’t here for us here. But a good day, oh a good day has your heart singing, everything validated and confirmed and the whole world on your side.

It’s been another productive weekend with the Shit Heap Hider finished and filled, the Shit Heap cleared, dismantled, moved and burned and skipped. I reorganised the polytunnel again and did some more sowing in there and Ady and I have made five raised beds with at least another five more ready to assemble tomorrow (weather permitting).

We’ve been eating salad leaves daily and sold our first bag already. Various seedlings are ready for potting on and I’ve already transplanted peas into an old compost sack with a tripod made from sticks for them to climb up. I want to finish the beds tomorrow and then mulch them with saved cardboard, old animal bedding and some of the soil that is all rich and composted from having the pigs on it for months. Even if I don’t get anything planted in them this season they will be ready for autumn sowings and next spring.

We have some fun projects planned including a herb spiral and an earth oven. Some more potential revenue plans including hiring out our two camping stoves to people staying down on the campsite in tents or the camping cabins and selling more produce to visitors. I have a range of midge inspired craft items planned to get made and we have more livestock due to arrive over the coming weeks.

There is plenty to be fretting about in terms of our house still not sold down south so no movement possible on building a house here just yet although we are still busy with research and fine planning as to what we want when we have the funds. But these are things out of our control so not worth paying too much attention to – far better to be focussing on the things we can change, improve and be getting on with.

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