Fond of heart?

In my head I hadn’t been away quite so long….

April was always going to be a mad month for us this year. So mad infact that it started back in March and didn’t end until May! For the whole of that six week period we had just 2 nights where we woke up on our own beds, went to sleep in our own beds and there were only the four of us in our caravan. The rest of the time we were either some or all of us not at home or had guests also staying.

We had visits from friends and family, went off to visit friends, had trips to the dentist, went to collect visitors and in the case of Scarlett and I had a mini adventure including planes.



jenna b dayguinness

As I say, a mad month.

In typical April fashion we had all extremes of weather – frost and snow, rail, enough of a dry spell to require suncream, the island hydro power system to fall back to diesel back up and the fire warning signs to go up. Birds have gone broody, the cuckoo has begun to call, the swifts are back, the bats are flying and it’s still daylight at 930pm.

We celebrated our five year anniversary of living on Rum. Five years! I think I need to dedicate a post all of it’s own to that particular milestone actually, it feels such an achievement.

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