Flights of fancy and plumbing

This weeks job list between boat trips and cups of tea (and glasses of fizz!) with visitors included plumbing in the sink for the bell tent and making more crafts for the shed.

The pipe arrived for the plumbing on Friday and Ady had it up and running that very evening – this time of year it is 20 hours of daylight in every 24 but when the midges come they are so fierce you have to retreat so our working hours are rather ad hoc. It rather turns out days on their head and twice this week we have been drinking fizz at lunchtime (visiting friends and the grand opening of Rum’s newest accommodation) so it’s not unusual to be out doing stuff on the croft at 10pm. On Saturday we constructed a cradle to hold the sink, fitted it with a tap off a bath that friends had brought up for us several years ago and just happened to have a long enough reach to mean the water goes into the sink bowl as the sink really is meant for a mixer tap. With a mash up of hose fittings and actual plumbing bits Ady got it all working and we had a surreal moment outside the caravan yesterday evening when we called the kid out to turn the tap on, attached to a sink that Ady was holding and could walk about with…

portable sink

Today we set it up next to the shed which will house the compost loo. Because the pipe is black and is 100m away from the caravan and still above ground at the moment it ran a whole sink full of hand hot water before it ran through cold. We might even be able to hook up a solar shower at this rate.

sink view


The next task is moving the compost loo from the horse box up to the shed, we have everything ready to do it so it should be a fairly straightforward task. Once that is done it will all be fully functioning, next we will start working on improvements such as paths and decorating everything to make it pretty as well as functional.

I have been busy trying to make a midge a day – so another two midges added to the shop this weekend – Mean Green Midge and Sunshine Yellow Midge

sunshine midge


If I can keep that pace up then we should stay ahead of demand…

One of the mantras of living like we do it to never walk up or down the hill empty handed. There is almost always something you could be moving around the croft but I have taken to picking up feathers if I am empty handed as I walk around the croft and have been stashing them in a bag by the front door waiting for inspiration. Last night I googled for some ideas and made a couple of quills using the ink cartridges from biros. The really white goose feathers and the turkey feathers are lovely anyway but some of the less perfectly formed goose feathers looked a bit boring so this afternoon I have been playing with painting them. We now have a jar full of various quills for sale.


I’ve also ordered a hot glue gun having always secretly wanted one but never had a good enough reason. When I arrives I have some hair pins and badges to have a go at feather brooches and hair pins too. I even have the sign ready to hang in the shop and a shelf already earmarked to display them all…

free range flights of fancy sign

As ever though while the sun was shining it was never all about work (even if the work is fun!) and this afternoon was the grand opening of the Gypsy Wagon our friend Claire has brought across and set up on the coast. A stunning wee wagon made of reclaimed timber with some gorgeous design features and cute and quirky touches. So we headed down to the village to celebrate with Claire

me and kids

gypsy waggon

Home for watering the polytunnel and harvesting yet more strawberries


which we enjoyed after dinner. No working outside this evening though, it’s been a really, really midgey night. I’m getting alerts for northern lights activity emailed to me but as it’s already nearly midnight and still not actually dark I am not holding out much hope of seeing anything before dawn breaks in a couple of hours time.

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  1. We have a friend here who heats his water just by leaving a coiled hose out in the sun. Not so efficient in the winter, right enough! How’s the cob house digging going? Interested to hear about the practicalities of drainage, water supply etc.

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