Finished working, not finished at host

We’re in the rather curious position of having finished our actual WWOOFing duties before the end of our stay at our current host. Our hosts have a course to attend somewhere tomorrow so won’t be around and as it was to be our last day with them working anyway they have told us to take the day off!

We’re heading to stay with friends for a few nights and then more friends for a few more nights next week and very much looking forward to a bit of downtime. We’ve been on the road now for four months and last weekend reminded us that we had a side agenda of time off together, enjoying the fact we don’t have high pressure jobs with long hours and that we should be making the most of this period of freedom. Ady and I both feel we have learnt so much already, really cemented what we would like to do next and as such are looking forward to easing off the pressure to fill the odd few empty weeks we have in the diary over the coming months with hosts, thinking it would be far more fun to execise some of the lessons we have learnt in living as cheaply as possible and maybe trying our hands at some hunting, fishing, foraging or other ‘freegan’ type activities.

We’ve had some interesting conversations about how our lives have changed so far and how they are different to how we lived before and also how we have changed and what long lasting impact we imagine this experience will have on us going forward with some very interesting and insightful responses from Dragon and Star. I have got some of that saved in a draft post which I will publish when we’ve all finished adding to it.

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