Feeling Festive

We’ve had some wild winds with plenty of cancelled ferries and a few sleepless nights. It’s not really daylight much before 9am and by 330pm it’s already twilight. The river burst it’s banks at the weekend and I consider it an absolute triumph if I get all the way down the croft without slipping over in the mud. The sure fire guarantee of doing so is to put clean jeans on and leave the caravan! Our hats are constantly drying infront of the log burner from getting wet being outside and we’re in that time of year when the log burner is lit from waking moment to bedtime.

But the caravan is also filled with twinkling lights and candlelight, the smell of pine, chocolate, cinnamon and oranges, the sound of Christmas songs. We are watching a different Christmas film every night, some old favourites and some new ones too. We also have several Christmas specials of classic TV shows on dvd to watch too. On Monday we selected this years Christmas tree and Davies and Scarlett took it in turns to swing the axe and fell it, Ady dragged it home. On Tuesday we brought it indoors and decorated it with battery powered lights, candy canes and our selection of home made decorations made by us and gifted from friends over the years. Even in our small living space we have room for a small box of Christmas decorations. We made some paper chains because Ady insists it is simply not Christmas without them so they are adoring the ceiling and I have even put some solar powered fairy lights down in the shed to welcome us home to the croft.











We are all busy making and creating various gifts for various people and feeling nicely festive.

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