I’ve been making a start on a FAQ – frequently asked questions page for the blog. I’ve had a fair few questions that we get asked often so will try and tackle all of those so they are handily in one place.

But do you have a question that we’ve never answered? Pop it in the comment box below and we will do our best to answer it on the FAQ page.

One thought on “FAQ”

  1. My wife and I watched Ben Fogal arrive on your island of Rum and were surprised when he mentioned you came as a family from Worthing. It is our town also, we watched the programme and felt that you were very brave to take on such a life style. We feel that your son and daughter came across as articulate and well rounded children who certainly have benefited from home schooling.
    We wish you every success in constructing your house and are eager to see the pictures of it and the fresh produce from your repaired poly tunnel
    Eamon & Evelyn Crouch

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