Fancy this for lunch?

We’ve had a slow but steady start to our crowdfunding but we really need to up the pace a little.

What are we asking for funding for? Building a new shelter on Croft 3 – a weatherproof place for us to stay this winter, to be a more permanent base for us while we learn new skills to enable us to carry out our long term plan of building a cob house. Eventually that space will become the hub of Croft 3 – office space, a produce shop and also somewhere for people to sit and have a coffee, a piece of cake and take in the views.

It’s the next stage of our Masterplan here on Croft 3 and we’re calling it Building The Dream because that’s what you will be contributing to and being part of.

But we don’t want to just ask for money and give nothing but the feeling of being part of something in return (as wonderful as the feeling of being part of something is!), we’d like to offer some rewards too.

Last time I blogged about Building The Dream I mentioned the following rewards:
£10 gets you a pack of our Croft 3 grown, harvested and dried herbs
£100 gets you a weekend stay in our static caravan, £500 gets you a week long catered stay in our static caravan. Both of those are rather deferred options though because currently we live in our static caravan!

So here are a few extra options – hopefully something to suit all pockets…

£25 gets you lunch using Croft 3 produce – maybe a freshly baked bread roll filled with bacon or ham from our pigs, perhaps a freshly picked salad from our polytunnel, an omelette using Croft 3 eggs, maybe a home made scone served with foraged Rum bramble jam…

£50 an day on Croft 3 with us, learn about our animals, have a tour of our alternative technology and understand a bit more about how we set up our lives here, see what is growing in the polytunnel and on the croft, meet the ‘cast’ of Wondering Wanderers and ask us any questions.

£100 a 2 night camping stay on Croft 3. We will set up one of our tents for you (or bring your own), provide you with a stove and other camping essentials and a Croft 3 produce hamper.

£250 a week long camping stay working alongside us, learning from us and about our lives here. You can spend time exploring Rum and experiencing the island life.

For more information or to ask any questions please get in touch, leave a comment or contact

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