Every stop we make, we make a new friend

Oh how I loved The Littlest Hobo, wonder how much of that show from my childhood is responsible for our adventure?!

This week has been great, a sort of half way house between, well a house and WWOOFing. We’re on a campsite situated on a beef cattle farm. It stores caravans for people so it feels quite full although there are actually only a handful of people here at the moment. Off season campsites are a funny place to be, a bit like seaside resorts in the winter. An empty air about the place with echoes of last summers busyness still in evidence. Of the three campsites we’ve stayed at over the last week all of them have sections and facilities closed down, which in some ways mean the ‘low season’ price isn’t actually such a bargain after all. The showers here are on and hot, the bathroom and laundry room have radiators on and the few people who are also staying here are providing us with interesting people-watching opportunities with us speculating behind our nets about their lives and why they are on a campsite in Devon in early March!

We’re doing lots of walking, we had a go at using public transport (something we *never* do at home apart from the train up to London for museum visits a few times a year), enjoying all the time together and having some really interesting conversations. It all feels very theraputic and life is very much reduced to the basics of keeping warm, gathering food (albeit from a supermarket still at this stage, although we did our first bit of foraging yesterday and identified and picked some wild garlic!), getting fresh air and exercise to stay healthy and plenty of wildlife spotting and nature gazing. There is a fair bit of light pollution here where we are in Devon but our night in Dorset was amazing for star gazing. We’re doing lots of talking to people too, we spent half an hour this morning talking to the farmer here about our plans when he called by the van with some eggs and burgers for us, telling people about our adventure feels good, even better now that we are actually living it rather than just talking about it.

News from home is good so far, the tenants finally moved in on Tuesday after a bit of a hiccup – I’m assuming no news is good news and the fact we have not heard from either the letting agent or my Dad means they have settled in okay. 

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