Every day should be a nice pants day…

A while ago we were chatting down in the village about the order you would eat a selection pack of chocolates in. My rationale for such occasions has always been to start with my least favourite and work back towards my most favourite, saving it for last. One of the people we were talking to disagreed with this and said ‘Oh no, you should always start with your favourite, then your next favourite and so on’. The reasoning being that you were always selecting the very best chocolate available.

I was reminded of this today when doing a tidy up of our wardrobe. The winter is coming and we know that it will be a daily battle against the damp once we can no longer have all the windows open every day so we took everything out of the wardrobes, cleaned all the surfaces with a bleach solution to kill any spores and then put everything back in again. I took the opportunity to go through the box which contains all my underwear. Despite having limited space and scant opportunity to acquire clutter we still seem to gather things we don’t use regularly here somehow, my underwear collection being a case in point. Despite sometimes going a week or more without the change to do laundry I still had at least 25 pairs of pants and 10 bras. Including a selection of greying, elastic given up pants and some uncomfortable, spend all your time tugging on the straps bras. So I chucked them all out! Now all I have are nice bras and nice pants. Which means every day I can choose my favourite underwear, every day can be a nice pants day.

I shared this on facebook where a friend said that she applies the same mentality to mugs – all her mugs are nice now. We have a limited number of mugs here – a couple of photo mugs featuring us with Ben Fogle and our favourite quotes from the New Lives in the Wild show which always make us smile, one lonely nicked from Starbucks about 14 years ago mug which has lasted countless house moves and travelling around the UK in Willow with us, a Wallace and Gromit mug from back when Davies was obsessed with W&G and we used to collect every single bit of W&G stuff we could find at car boot sales and charity shops and my birthday mug – handthrown and very special. All of them make me smile every time I make a drink or take a swig of my morning cup of tea.

We can’t always live every day as though it might be our last (although of course it might and one day it will) but neither should we always be cautious and hang back depriving ourselves of everything nice and saving the best til last or keeping it in reserve for a rainy day.

From now on I am always going to choose my very favourite chocolate first from selection packs. And whilst it’s not really any of your business you should probably know I am wearing nice pants.

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