Dodging the elements

It’s been a real pick and mix of weather and general outside conditions these last few days. Sunshine, pouring rain, high winds and back to sunshine again. We’ve had rainbows aplenty and everything is growing like mad. With the weather come the beasties and the clegs have been out in force biting and buzzing around with the midges putting regular appearances too.

All of this means you have to really pick your moments to be outside or even in the polytunnel getting things done but we have managed to cut down the grass in the fruit cage, transplant asparagus into a raised bed in the walled garden and do lots in the polytunnel including planting on various things including chillies, peppers, rhubarb and tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. I have staked some tomatoes and pinched out the excess leaves, harvested the last of the first potatoes, onions and garlic and some of the peas which had gone over are drying out to save the seeds for next season. It’s been another good year in the polytunnel and while there is still lots of learn and ways to make it even more productive I feel I have made good use of it this year.

My current round of research when captured indoors due to too many beasties or bad weather is learning what best to do about the ragwort invasion that is taking over the croft!

One thought on “Dodging the elements”

  1. Are you taking any wwoofers this summer? Finishing my bachelor in Architecture and have interested in green energy, would be nice to help and learn while enjoying the beautiful nature of the island. Thanks

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