Darker days

We’re only a few weeks away from the shortest day and as always at this time of year the memory of long summer days when it is still light outside at gone 10pm are so far away. It is too dark to do drawing or crafting or reading after 4pm now indoors and the weather is too wet and windy to be getting on with much outside. Despite getting home on Tuesday this week has slid away in lots of chunks of days – a morning at the post office, needing to meet the boat to collect petrol, an afternoon of crafting and chatting with friends (with enough artificial light to carry on crocheting until gone 5pm!), a morning of sorting out the woodshed and chopping firewood. This time of year we are productive but in a different way to the summer when you can get stuck into a project for hour and hours at a time, this time of year it is much more about windows of opportunity for short bursts of activity instead.

Projects on the job list include more bite sized ones – plant the rose bushes which arrived on the ferry ordered to remember my Granny (yellow roses were her favourite flower, I thought it would be nice to have a few here on Rum), move the kids’ bikes out of the shed and into the bike shed and then staple up the bunting which is in the shed ready to hang up. Put up the mirror and start looking at shelving and display ideas for the shed. Collect some seaweed from the beach to mulch the raised beds.

We have an all day task of the last two piglets to be killed and processed, we are confident we can do both in the six hour or so window of daylight but we need a decent day of weather. Then we have another day of sausage making ahead once we have all of the pigs dealt with.

We are smarter with our power management this year than ever before and have finally got our heads around dinner prep during the day where possible in daylight – 10 minutes of chopping up veg in the afternoon is way better than a later dinner or using up precious power for a light to see by. Instead we are working towards a couple of hours of snuggling by the log burner watching downloaded the night before stuff. Wildlife documentaries, fun stuff like cooking shows and then things like The Apprentice, The Naked Choir and Dragons Den which we all love for massive entertainment, shout at the TV value.

But nothing photo worthy or sufficient for a blog post all of it’s own so far this week. Bits and pieces and bite sized chunks.

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