Cutting it fine.

There are 11 days to go to raise our total of £2000 for our compost loo using the Crowdfunder website. If we don’t raise the money via that method then we will continue raising money via the donate button but it would be fantastic if we achieved it this time and could get work started on the making the compost loo happen.

I can’t edit the rewards to include the newly added ones but if you have already donated I will get in touch once we reach the goal to offer you these options too.

  • Visits to the croft – day trips, camping visits all offered as part of the funding rewards. If you help us fund our compost loo you get to come and use it. Can’t say fairer than that!
  • Space to have your say inside the loo – graffiti, wall art, advertise – you name it, you get to put it up inside our loo if you help us raise the cash to raise the walls in the first place.
  • Donate in someone else’s name as a gift idea. Anniversary, birthday or very efficient Christmas shopping – help fund the loo and Dragon and Star will design you a gift notification to wrap up and present to your chosen recipient to tell them that people can have a poo in their name here on Croft 3!
  • We can name a bit of the loo after you. Someone has already asked for the lock on the door to bear their name but still up for grabs is the loo seat, the lid, the loo roll holder, a peg for the back of the door, the floor, the roof, the antibacterial handwash dispenser, the solar powered lighting. You name it, you can name it!

For want of a better turn of phrase it’s the final push now, please help if you can and spread the word too!

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