Croft 3 In The Tent

We’ve got Croft 3 In The Shed and the latest venture will be Croft 3 In The Tent.

We’re setting everything up this week, today I have been applying a new coat of waterproofing to the tent while Ady’s been scything the spot it will go. Then re-scything a new spot after we changed our minds! Still a work in progress but we’re listed on air b&b and Nearly Wild Camping and working on making a cosy wee spot on a secluded corner of Croft 3, trying to strike the balance between wild and beautiful, authentic and rustic while still being comfortable .

Meanwhile we’re also tending new hatchlings – chick count is at four hens just now with various chickens still on eggs. There is time for Mr & Mrs Turkey to try again this year but for now she seems to be enjoying eating and strutting about again after all those weeks sitting down. He is enjoying having company again!

Bob the pig continues to do really well and is firm friends with Barbara, Waddles and BenFogle (the three girls!).

In indoor sitting down moments, of which there are few when the weather is this lovely and there is so much to be doing outside, I am crocheting – more midges (I’ve not forgotten Lynda, a blue one will be with you very soon!), some little flowers, bugs and butterflies which I’m stitching brooch pins onto and some colouring bunting for the tent.

And to lead people here so they don’t get lost along the way?

Ady had the fabulous brainwave of creating a welly trail – finally a use for four years worth of outgrown and leaky wellies which have been kicking (pardon the pun!) around which I am painting and we’ll position along the route here from the village to help folk find Croft 3.

welly work


wellie trail

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