Come and see where we live

The static is currently sited along the track, about half a mile from the croft. This is a short term spot but has stunning views so we’re not complaining!

in comes the static, arriving on the ferry
off the lorry and now at the mercy of landrovers and pushing by hand
ready to move further down the track soon
we look like a two car family!
not where it should be but stunning just the same
this is our shower – water heated by gas and currently from a large plastic container which we fill four of each day from down in the village. Feels odd to be paying water rates on filled up containers but it’s considerably less than we paid back down south! Long term we’ll take water from the river and collect rainwater too.
our toilet arrangement – the sink works (hot and cold water), the toilet doesn’t so we are using two camping loos. One for pee and one for poo. The pee gets poured away at the moment but will eventually be used as a compost activator (compost heap one of the top things on this weeks to do list) and fertlizer. It is also good for use for detering deer so may get sprinkled around our crops and young trees on the croft land. The poo one currently gets emptied when we collect water from the campsite. Long term we will have a compost loo set up. The bag contains dirty washing, currently being dealt with at the castle which is used by islanders as a laundrette. Washing line also on job list for this week on the croft so we can make the most of our gorgeous un-typical weather!
Bedrooms! This is Star’s, which she shares with her hamster, Humphrey (his real name, I have briefly debated giving him an online persona too but I didn’t bother for Bonnie and I certainly don;t plan to for the rest of the named livestock so if you are planning on stalking us we really do have a hamster called Humphrey!) Star’s room has a cabin style bed one way, which she is using as a shelf but will be for friends staying,  her bed running under the window (from which she can currently see the river and a heron which fishes there regularly), a folding door wardrobe and a couple of drawers. There is more storage under her bed too.

our bedroom – double bed, triple wardrobe with shelves, drawer unit, two windows, shelf above the bed, little shelves next to each side of the bed. We worked out this weekend that 12v bulbs in normal table lamps work off the sockets so I even have a proper bedside lamp to read with 🙂

Dragon’s room – complete with Dragon in this picture as he was tidying it up a bit. He did have twin beds but we’ve taken one out as the space was more important, it can go back in when friends some to stay. He has a tall wardrobe and a large cupboard and we also moved in the unit behind him which was in the lounge as a TV unit but we don’t have a tv! He also has storage under his bed.
The kitchen area. We have a cooker with four rings and grill (gas), a fridge (also gas) with a little ice box, kitchen sink (hot and cold running water) and many, many cupboards. Three areas of workspace – this is probably a bigger kitchen area than our house in Sussex, let alone in Willow!

This would be the other door but we have blocked it off to make it Bonnie’s space. Her crate fits beautifully in the gap. The blue bag on top is the recycling, bottles and tins go along to the pier to be recycled in the large skips there. There is another skip for general rubbish but if it’s food and can be fed to our livestock we will, if it can be composted we will and if it’s cardboard we’ll mulch with it so hopefully our contribution to landfill will be very small. We’ll also burn anything we can too.

The living space. Table, shelves, gas heater, lots of windows and mirrors make it light and airy. Sofas go around all three walls and there is either storage underneath them or a fold out double bed so we can easily sleep another 3 / 4 people in here.

So there you are, welcome to our home 🙂

4 thoughts on “Come and see where we live”

  1. Oh wow- I think I could live in a static! Looks really fabulous- proper bedrooms….(having envy of bedrooms and outside living- caravan living with just one space was just a bit too much for me, but I think I’d cope with bedrooms).
    Looks utterly marvellous. Best wishes, vikki

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