Colours of Rum

The temperature has plummeted and it’s hot water bottles all the way, we’ve not had many frosts but the frequent hail showers are not really melting so there is plenty of crunchy stuff underfoot. There is plenty of wet stuff too of course, just this afternoon I slipped over in the mud!

But as you can see from the photos that follow this post we have been getting some gorgeous sunshiny bits between the hail showers and it’s a beautiful time of year. There is snow on all the peaks now – of Rum and of the higher peaks we can see across on the mainland, every window of the static shows a different postcard worthy scene, every direction on the croft holds another stunning view.

Meanwhile, when not standing and drinking in those views we have been busy making the most of the dry spells. We’ve spent this weekend moving the pigs, getting more wood up the hill and chopping and stacking it.

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