Cob, cob, glorious cob….

We’re going to build a cob house.

We’re going to build it next year. Here on Croft 3, using clay dug from the croft. We know roughly where we are going to build it, we have an approximate timeline, we’ve done some critical path analysis, we have an agreed design.

I remember announcing something pretty similar in just a few lines four years ago.

We’re going to go off traveling around the UK in a campervan. We’ll do WWOOFing

I also remember the reality of what that plan took to organise, to make happen, to convince all the interested parties that this was a good idea and we hadn’t completely taken leave of our senses. It was not without challenges – both the planning and the execution of that plan. There were times when I think everyone concerned secretly – and sometimes not so secretly – thought actually it would be better to not be doing any such thing. But we did it, we made it happen.

Then a year later we came up with another plan.

We’re going to move a remote Scottish island with just 30 odd people and be crofters. There is nothing there at all yet except a bare field but we’ll keep animals, grow food, find a way of making a life there

Turns out that we did that too. We’re still doing it, it’s still a work in progress so I guess this latest announcement is more of a sub heading underneath. But it is pretty similar in many ways. There will be schedules, people to talk to, communicate with, help and support to be garnered, people shaking their heads and thinking we are crazies to be proved wrong.

All of the most amazing adventures I have ever been on have started life as a slightly random thought that struck me one day, snowballed in my own mind into an idea and then I took to Ady to persuaded him to join me with. Latterly I have taken them to Davies and Scarlett too. Sometimes when they are properly crazy or ambitious we take them to other people too and with a mad glint in our eyes, a passionate tone of voice and an air of excitement about us we ask

We’re going to do something a bit out of the ordinary. It might go wrong at times, it certainly won’t go completely according to plan.  There will be surprises and adventures along the way. We will try hard and plan as much as possible but we will need to be prepared to change our plans, sometimes at the last minute when things crop up that we didn’t anticipate or expect. It won’t always be easy but it will be a lot of fun. We will laugh a lot, sing a lot, build lots of memories together and take lots of photos. It will definitely be hard work but then anything worth doing always is. Do you want to join in?

How does that make you feel?

Are you shaking your head? Did you even read to the end? Is it the sort of question you turn away from and assume was not actually being asked of you?

Or does it make a little cartwheel spin down in the pit of your tummy? Does it make you a bit restless in your chair? A bit twitchy? A bit inclined to type something in the comments box about how yes, you’d like to join in?

At this stage we are working out what help we need and when. We will want people to come and move heavy things around, get muddy, make cob, make tea and big pots of soup to feed hungry workers, we will need people to sing, take photos, make everyone laugh. To hand round midge spray or hold umbrellas. We also need people to watch from afar and cheer us on, to celebrate with us and commiserate with us. People to read the blog and smile and feel proud to have commented and been a part of it.

What does this post make you want to do?


7 thoughts on “Cob, cob, glorious cob….”

  1. I’m not really sure what cob is or how you build a house out of it but it sounds very exciting! Not sure how much use I would be but could help out with the singing and holding the spray at least 🙂

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