Celebrate good times

Today is Ady’s birthday 🙂 He was the first of us to celebrate a WWOOFing birthday last year and the first of us to celebrate a Rum birthday. The challenges of getting stuff here and living as money-less an existance as possible mean his gifts are a collection of handmade and small tokens – cards made by us depicting things that mean something only really to the four of us, a table full of gifts this morning including chocolate muffins (labelled ‘for breakfast’), a tin of biscuits (labelled ‘for snaffling’), a four pack of cans (‘for beer o’clock’) and a sherbert fountain (‘for reliving your childhood’).

We are in the middle of a family ‘Come Dine With Me’ competition – we all take it in turns to cook a three course dinner for the rest of the family and mark each other out of 10. The grand prize is a large bar of chocolate so competition is stiff! Tonight is Dragon’s turn so his dessert will be a home made birthday cake. Star went first and did potato chips with dips for starter, pizza for main and profiteroles for dessert – very impressed with her making the pizza dough and then for her first attempt at pastry pulling off choux (and doing it very well). Ady replicated the potato chips, did a pork in peanut and veg sauce with rice and noodles followed by treacle sponge for dessert. So far Star is winning! Dragon is planning a full roast chicken dinner tonight though so she is by no means secure in her lead! We are loving having a kitchen 🙂

We’ve also been celebrating the third anniversary of IRCT (Isle of Rum Community Trust) being handed over the village of Kinloch from SNH with a ceilidh on Friday night. Our first Rum ceilidh with a fab band, plenty of dancing, a barbecue, a bonfire and lots of happy people. It was lovely to feel so much a part of the community already and we’re looking forward to many more celebrations here to come.

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