Busy, busy, busy

A madly busy, but very productive week passed with extremes on all sides.

We have had various volunteers here – a Swiss German family of four WWOOFing, two French young folk WWOOFing (not together, merely coincidental that they are both from France and both here) and a family friend here on a wildlife spotting, different life style experiencing, bit of volunteering adventure.

You would need to speak to the various volunteers to hear how they feel the experience has been but I am fairly sure they would all consider it a challenging one! Certainly the first volunteer worked for one day and then explained her plans had changed and she was leaving the next day!

We put a huge effort into ensuring we are very upfront with what volunteers can expect, what a trip to Rum entails, the possible issues from rain to midges to high winds during all seasons but I think until you have actually been here and experienced such delights for yourself it is tricky to really imagine what it might be like.

So a week filled with midges and rain and winds…. plus sunshine and amazing views and wildlife, a massively productive work party of moving things around the croft from fence panels to build a deer proof cage around the vegetable beds to gravel to make footpaths. Baking a loaf of bread every days along with vats of soup, trays of cookies and so many cups of tea!

I’ve been acting as Mrs Post Office, crocheted a couple of midges to replace the ones we’ve sold this week, wielded power tools to finish off four cloche covers for a long raised bed that a previous volunteer weeded ready to transplant some strawberries, laid out path fabric to mark the trail and spent a lot of time coordinating travel plans for various off island excursions.

We have another week of busyness with comings and goings before a week of calm and an empty diary, although that will likely be spent preparing for the next influx of busyness ahead. It seems strange to be living in a holiday destination during holiday season yet be craving a holiday but in about eight weeks time that is precisely what we have planned and I rather think we’re ready for it.

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