Bright Lights

Everyone else is in bed – not asleep mind you. Ady is watching some downloaded telly on his phone, Scarlett is listening to an audiobook and drawing, Davies is working on a story he is writing. I meanwhile have been outside on the sporran in my big boots and ‘jamas trying to catch a photo of the northern light which are active tonight according to all my apps, alerts, email notifications and facebook groups which are filled with pictures from Shetland, Orkney and Aberdeen. I didn’t capture anything but the stars are amazing so it was worth braving the cold for ten minutes.

We still have lot of snow up on the peaks here and it is very still with no wind. You almost miss it when it finally drops, it’s eerily quiet. Not complaining though, we had sufficient wind in the first two weeks of this year to last for months and months.

Ady spent yesterday afternoon digging on the houseplot while the kids and I went down to the village to join the Ranger on a Tree ID walk. It was very soggy and quite cold as it was raining but we all learnt something new about trees – I think I learnt the most actually, particularly about how much Davies and Scarlett already knew about trees!


In other news today Ady and I were processing firewood and pimped the chopping area to create the Goddard Wood Processing Station 2000. We secured the two logs, made a post to bash perforated wood on to split it and earlier on I had made a template of the length of the log burner as we keep bringing in wood which turns out to be too long to fit in it (somehow a small bit of wood looks so much smaller outside in the world than when it is held next to our wee burner in the caravan! Perspective!). It is winning and made us laugh a lot, while also being very useful and practical.





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