Best of Rum

Another stunning autumn day here today, which as we got so little in the way of a summer is all the more special. Ady and I did some bramble picking this morning, in the sunshine, in short sleeves. I had such a good day picking yesterday with over 2kg picked and 15 jars of jam made that I stuck today’s pickings in the freezer to be dealt with later in the week.

We called in for a cup of tea with friends in the village and collected some game birds from our neighbouring island of Muck which they had taken off last night’s boat for us and kept in their fridge – a brace each of pheasant, duck and partridge. Game pie for dinner soon!

Then an impromptu decision over lunch to head over to Kilmory this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine, the drive across the island and some red deer rut action. Our fourth visit across to Kilmory during the rut and our best so far I think. In previous years we have heard plenty of roaring, seen lots of parallel walking and general ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ type displays but little in the way of actual fighting. Today we saw not one, but two actual antler clashing fights.







As always the whole experience is made all the more interesting thanks to Kilmory Deer project researchers around to name the stags, give some background stories and explain just what is going on.


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