Being The Change

We listen to the BBC radio news each day which often sparks conversations and research with Davies and Scarlett. We discuss integrity in reporting, in the sometimes one sided nature of journalism and how people often only access the media which reflects their personal thinking and opinions. We encourage the children to be challenging in their thinking, to never take things on face value, to probe further and question their own views and try and fully form them. To hear something and try to look behind the headline, to research and learn, question, ask, be open to having your view changed, to empathise and see the other side.

Our biggest lesson in educating our children has always been to carry on learning, to never accept something or feel powerless, to always know you have a voice and even if you have to shout really, REALLY loudly to make it heard to strive to do just that. We are living in difficult, dark days right now in many ways, the news is filled with sadness, fear and horror, with dis-empowerment and bleak stories.

Last year we met a really amazing woman, Debbie Hyde, who has a weekly internet radio show called ‘It’s All Good‘ where the focus is on positive stories, people doing good things, feeling empowered, helping and being the best version of themselves they can be.

Debbie has just released an e book – called ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’, a book of conscious choices. You can download the book here and read a bit more about Debbie and her work.

I love that Debbie is out there, being the change in the world she wants to see, using her voice and helping others to find theirs. It is precisely the life motto that we try to live by and pass on to our children. Well done Debbie!

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