Barbara, Escapologist Pig

DSCF9049 by nicgee
DSCF9049, a photo by nicgee on Flickr.

This is Barbara. She is a naughty sow.

For the last week she has kept escaping from the pig pen and creating havoc and mayhem wherever she roams. She has been in the woodstore (and attempted to eat peat blocks), snuffled around the polytunnel and done damage to my strawberries (it did at least spur us on to fix the blown off door so that she can’t get in there anymore) and today she followed us halfway to the village when we went out for a walk. 

She is very good tempered most of the time and happily trots along back to the pig pen when led back there but I do wish she would just stay in there in the first place with Tom and their boys. I was utterly staggered to see her today leap back over the fence to get in when Ady put food in there, she easily clears the fence which is taller than her in a very elegant horse jumping style. We thought we had fixed the fence sufficiently but clearly not, so tomorrows task is to try and Barbara proof the electric fence to secure Barbara Pig inside. Either that or look on ebay for a saddle or a lead!

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