Back to life

A full on return to ‘normal’ life this week, infact I can’t quite believe it’s only a week since Davies and I drove off the boat and arrived home.

We are in full thrust of tourist season and along with the day visitors, campers and holidaying folk we also have various contractors putting the finishing touches to our community bunkhouse, the selection of people (we have coined the phrase ‘integrated randoms’) who visit Rum regularly enough to not be strangers and to sit, beer in hand at the shop telling us full time residents just how we should be doing things and sharing their fair weather wisdom… I understand from folk who have lived on Rum far longer than I that some of these people do indeed make the transition to actually living here properly so I will try not to sit in judgement too much. I wish they would extend the same courtesy. We have also had an influx of VIPs this week. Our co-land owners SNH had their new chairman and various other high level employees visiting the island at the beginning of this week. That made for some formal and more informal meetings for some of us, me included.

We were interviewing for our new Bunkhouse Manager, our Community Development Officer was over on one of his residential trips, it was our monthly residents association meeting. I helped at the Teashop, did my regular shop and post office shifts, Ady had a shift at the castle, we had an uneventful wildlife watching wise but very bumpy and rollercoaster-equse Sheerwater boat trip.

Suffice to say we did not listen to all five Popmaster round live at 1030am this week!

As ever though, it is the moments spent on the croft, in the company of our little family unit which make for the best times. The antics of the Croft 3 creatures forever make us smile. We have integrated the new ducks with the old and it has worked really well at calming the rather skittish new ducks who are now much calmer and come out to greet us for food rather than quacking in terror when we pass.

The geese have taken a liking to the paddling pool I picked up for Davies and Scarlett. It’s not for geese but nobody told them that!

Just as well we have a river to swim in aswell as a paddling pool (which was bought more for outdoor bubble bath type activities than actual paddling anyway)

The deer are still about – although cautiously as it is now the start of the deer stalking season. A hind walked past this evening while we were having dinner though.

And while I’m here and sharing photos here are a couple of other recent ones.

The car on the ferry. It was exciting to finally have it on board, and daunting to realise just how LONG it looked from above.

The Grand Decant – if you are going to drive 600 miles and foot the cost of a ferry crossing you may as well make it worth your while and fill the car right up!

Close encounters. I will never, ever get tired of the excitement of getting this close to minke whales.

Carbon footprints aside it was very exciting to see our beautiful country from the air. Davies and I enjoyed our flight experience very much.

Meanwhile Ady and Scarlett were enjoying a rather different view

Scarlett at the Royal Highland Show. Sheep are definitely our next planned livestock aquisition.

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