Autumnal Vibes

It’s autumn. Both astronomical and meteorological. The calendar tells us it’s autumn, the drawing in of the evenings and the latening of the evenings tells us it’s autumn. The dropping temperature, the changing colours of the landscape around us. The heather in bloom, the brambles ripening, the increasing alerts to the presence of aurora on my phone app. The pick up of the winds speeds, the absence of the summer migratory birds. The roaring of the red stags, the changing behaviour of the croft creatures – the ducks and chickens are no longer laying eggs, the ganders have stopped hissing at us as we walk past. The crops are over, the trees are changing colour and dropping their leaves. The way we open the door and stand outside for a moment to gauge whether another layer of clothing would be prudent (it often is, I seldom bother, that will change!). Bringing in firewood is back on the list of daily tasks, the window vacuum is back in regular use as the condensation levels rise within the caravan but at least the midges have gone. It’s almost time to eat soup!

Jam making is temporarily on hold while I await a delivery of jam jars but bramble picking continues apace with the harvest waiting in the freezer for now. I’ve been taking stock of what has sold well this season in the shed and planning stock for next year. I’m still working on the big blanket commission just now but coming to the end of that and will be embarking on crochet midges as soon as that is done. I think the current jam total so far is at about 150 jars with hopefully the same again still to be made.

Last week I ran a resin key ring and pendant workshop for a group staying at the bunkhouse on a walking retreat. Their trip was hampered by poor weather preventing them from getting out into the wilds of the island as they had planned and preventing some of them from leaving Rum when they had intended to as ferries have been disrupted. The workshop was fun, I really enjoy sharing skills, meeting new people and talking about Rum and our lives here. We have various future plans being tossed about here at Goddard Heights just now and workshops of various types are definitely on the list of possible ideas. Watch this space.

We do have a job list to be working through once the bramble /jam season has finished which includes tasks like pruning the fruit bushes, moving the chickens and mulching the raised beds with seaweed over winter, clearing the polytunnel and planting the next batch of 500 trees which are due to arrive sometime in November. Ady is doing lots of path maintenance and ditch clearing in our ever increasing bid to improve the Croft infrastructure and ground quality.

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