As promised:

To give a better idea of where we’re talking about.

Here is the map view of the croft – we are Croft 3

and the googlemaps link is over here

One thought on “As promised:”

  1. Oooh, I see they have changed the plans since I’ve seen them last.
    At least you don’t have the bog between the wind break and glen park at the top end near the nature trail.

    I wish the truck driver good luck coming down that brae next to the river with the culvert right below it though, and I guess he’s going swimming across the ford? 🙂

    What’s the plans for the land then?

    Might be able to get a mini hydro going off primrose burn but in the summer it almost dries out completely, should get a fairly decent head from there though.

    There’s old telephone wire (nobody knows if its still connected) going up to the old masts behind the policy woodland behind the walled garden, it runs right along the track. If you come up past the fenceline along the road just where the fence shoots off back across behind the woods there’s a ditch, take a look in that ditch you’ll find a BT cable there which still responds to the cat cable detector, it runs all the way up to the top of that noll, there’s still some dead batteries up there I believe.

    Quite funny you’re using macleods too, I believe my parents are on the verge of getting a static from them as well!

    Anyhow, best of luck, I’ll keep checking back as I love seeing projects like this 🙂
    (Kind of makes me wish I stuck it out over there… but c’est la vie)
    Hopefully meet you in the summer some time when I’m UK bound again.


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