Another storm weathered

Abigail here on Rum was not as severe as we may have feared. Or maybe we are desensitised, or hardened, or a bit punch drunk by the wind these days. Anyway, we’re fine, no casualties of the winds and rain which hammered the croft and caravan last night, today and is raging outside still.

Ady did the rounds outside, feeding and checking animals and shelters, doing a bit of extra work on the glazing on the shed window, bringing in firewood. I made the most of the spell of moderate but not extreme wind this morning which meant we briefly untied the wind turbine and had internet to do a few pieces of writing work. This month I’ve written for Barefoot Diaries, almost finished my contribution for a book on Home Education that I have been working in collaboration with a group of other Home Ed parents on, been interviewed for Mindful Pie and gathered items for our residents newsletter. I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up and while at nearly 42 I seem to have failed in my growing up it would appear I am indeed a writer.

This afternoon my fingers were twitching to create so I dug out some yarn my Mum brought up on her last visit and started to make some triangles to make bunting for decorating the shed shop. Appropriately they are ‘granny square’ bunting and I think will look really pretty in the shed. I do love that the paint I’ve used to decorate it is from my Dad and now the yarn used to make it pretty is from my Mum. Both parents helping from afar in my latest project.

granny squares

2 thoughts on “Another storm weathered”

  1. Glad to hear that you are surviving the storms! I was thinking of our visit to Rum in April today and realised how long it had been since I popped by to say hello. It’s lovely to read your blog and to recognise many of the places in your pictures as somewhere we’ve actually been (dramatic as the changes in seasons can be).

    So many fond memories of our very short time visiting with you! xo xo xo

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