Another soul feeding day

Spring has totally sprung. From the first primrose spotted today

to the stags roaming majestically across the croft this morning. The turkeys mating this morning (oh what a ritual that is, frankly it was on a par with the red deer rut, there was stamping, displaying, it was magnificent! – Ady taped it on his phone, turkey porn!), Barbara Pig is definitely pregnant, her teats are protruding and her belly swinging low, I reckon she still has a good month or maybe more to go though. The two broody geese are guarding their nests and a third goose is laying eggs in a clutch daily ready to go broody in the next few days I think. I am very excited to think that we may have goslings and maybe even turkey chicks this year – it will mean all of our Croft 3 creatures have bred successfully here after our piglets, chicks and ducklings last year.

I finished painting our new Croft 3 sign and we have put it up at the croft gate ready for our egg price list and poster about us and our lives here for passing curious tourists. We put the first layer of drainage into the ditch for the chicken house. I cut a load of switches to make stakes for the peas in the polytunnel

Davies and Scarlett went on another of their epic walks, they were gone for a couple of hours adventuring and exploring. They went off again later in the afternoon, this time on a shorter jaunt to the village to purchase fizzy drinks for Friday Night and secret purchases I believe may be linked to Sunday…

Days like these it is easy to forget the dark days of December and wakeful nights of worrying through January. Days like these are soul feeding, heart lifting, breath taking filled with wonder, sunshine and hope.

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