And then there were four…

I know it is only October but there is a real ‘end of season’ feeling here. The winter ferry timetable kicks in in the next week or so, the hostel is closed for the winter, the teashop is only open for limited times. We have turned round our ‘produce this way’ signs leading people to the croft.

We have had our last planned visit of the year to the mainland for food shopping and dentist check-ups. We waved off our last visitors of the year – my parents – on the ferry yesterday.

Today has been a day of planning – the start of the planning for the cob house build next year, a winter plan for general indoors and outdoors croft going forward stuff, a month-by-month timetable for the coming six months. We have some possible work opportunities, next years livestock and crops to bear in mind, investments of time and money in the coming year, an evaluation of what worked and didn’t work, what can be improved and enhanced for next year.

The cupboards are full of pickles and preserves, the freezer is stocked up, we have craft materials ready to be turned into sale-able items, to do lists, ideas and inspiration.

But first, just for a few days, we’re going to do not much. To spread out in our own space, catch up on watching films and downloaded tv shows, luxuriate in the end of one part of our year and our life here and just catch our breath before throwing ourselves into the next bit.

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