And so that was Christmas….

It’s that strange lull time between Christmas and New Year when some people are already back to work but others are still off, TV and radio scheduling is not back to normal and you hit a point where despite the house being filled with all sorts of delicious special food you struggle to pull together an actual meal that doesn’t make you feel like you are at a wedding reception buffet – which is no bad thing, but starts to wear thin after 8 such meals in a row for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Of course here in this life we don’t really have jobs to be getting back to, or certainly not ones we have taken time off from. Indeed Ady has been doing more paid, off-the-croft work than normal the last week or so as he has been feeding the animals and doing the daily checks on buildings and livestock for the nature reserve as the regular staff have been off the island celebrating Christmas with their families. I’ve gone with him for the ride and the photo opportunities. It’s lovely to get out into the island and feel the wilderness and rugged nature of Rum once you are outside of the main settlement of Kinloch village.

We had very different weather conditions on every trip across the island from bright sunshine to hardly-see-your-hand-infront-of-your-face fog.

Our Christmas dinner this year was Rum venison, as always it’s lovely to have proper local food to celebrate and you can’t get much more local, or indeed seasonal than red deer from our own island. We are no longer in small overexcited children territory of Christmas past, infact Ady and I were up well before the teens this year and the piles of presents under the tree were considerably smaller than ever before. True to type though Ady’s gifts were mainly gadget based, Davies’ were game, art and tech related, Scarlett’s were largely art and craft with some tech in there too and mine were consumable – I am very keen to not amass more ‘stuff’ so would always rather have something I can eat, drink or otherwise use up, or something I can actually use regularly. For the last few years I have been collecting individual pieces of pottery from a potter down in the south of England who makes one off items. I started with a large mug from her and then commissioned matching tumbler, shot glass, bowl and this year a plate. They all match, as much as individually made pieces can and I love the fact that this was made specifically for me, to my own personal size, design and colour specifications. Davies and Scarlett are also heading towards the same reasoning of less stuff, more memories and had asked for tickets to a podcast live show as gifts too, thus delaying part of their Christmas until next month.

I also got a pyrography tool so expect some new craft learning pictures and ideas to be popping up soon.

Everyone was really pleased with what they were given and while the teens tried out some of their new games and Ady busied himself getting Christmas lunch cooking I managed to take my Christmas jumper up my hill for an hour all to myself, which was very lovely too.

Ady met me on the way down and we popped along to the village for a festive drink with some of the islanders who were enjoying a communal meal together in the village hall. Then back to the croft for some more Christmas jumper pictures with Davies and Scarlett.

You may well notice Scarlett looking slightly dazed – she had come down with a cold on Christmas Eve, which over the course of Christmas Day and Boxing Day the rest of us have also come down with so we are currently all in full on convalescence hibernation mode. We had planned a couple of nights visiting local friends on the mainland which we were all really looking forward to but had to make the difficult call to cancel as none of us were up to it, neither did we want to bring them our festive germs either.

So instead, like in years gone by, and like so many people everywhere we have been watching festive TV on iplayer, ploughing through the festive food and drink and trying to keep up with just what day it is!

Merry Christmas – we hope all our readers have enjoyed a peaceful and celebratory holiday.

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