An Ady update

Thank you for the comments and messages this last week. It is exactly one week ago that I made the first phonecall to start the ball rolling for where we are tonight.

The two bank holidays and weekend held up any progress at all other than monitoring Ady and keeping him stable. Hospital life is a very weird place and I think we lived much more than a weeks worth of emotions and experiences.

After lots of tests Ady had a scan yesterday which showed a very inflamed gallbladder and this afternoon we was operated on to remove it. The surgeon spoke to us beforehand to explain the best and worst case scenarios and while it was not the completely straightforward removal we had hoped for as the gallbladder was ‘minging’ to quote the surgeon and had attached itself in places to his liver most of it was removed and the remainder disconnected to ensure it is now non functional.

We left him tonight post-op looking very tired but massively relieved for it to all be over and on the road to recovery. We will find out tomorrow what the longer term recovery plan is and how we can expect the new few days and weeks to pan out but the worst is behind us.

This week is always a busy one for us – the end of one year, the start of the next and my birthday. Today I turned 42, if you believe Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy it’s the answer to life, the universe and everything. Having spent 10 hours at the hospital we left Ady looking like this…

post op

and went for a meal followed by a mad £1.50 spending spree in the amusement arcade on the top floor of the complex near our hotel.

nic tix

birthday cheers

birthday meal


I was always pretty confident I already had the answers to life, the universe and everything, or certainly all that was important. Today on my 42nd birthday I know for sure.

birthday pre op

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  1. Aw bless you! I am glad that you managed to raise a smile and have fun with the kids. You must be all so relieved that the surgery went well. Hope Ady continues to make a steady recovery and that you are all together again before too long x

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