All in a week’s work

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify just where our time here goes. Every week we write a list on our whiteboard of ‘this week on Croft 3’ listing meetings, work, social stuff, things to remember to organise, job lists around the croft. Most weeks we wipe the whole lot off as it has all been done.

This week I did some extra post office / shop shifts (on Friday I got soaked in the torrential rain both walking down and then again walking back home again afterwards.)
soggy nic
Ady came down and helped at the Teashop, I learnt how to bake a new recipe loaf of bread (which I have since done twice more, once adding roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese and herbs)
happy bread, we did a castle tour (while we were waiting for people to arrive I had a go on the piano in the Great Hall, both hands and everything!)

Davies, Scarlett and I went out on the Sheerwater, it was *very* rocky and aside from a very distant sighting of a couple of porpoise and some diving gannets we saw very little other than fellow shipmates looking a bit green. We found the nest that our female guinea fowl has been sitting on – 8 eggs!
guinea nest

I have been doing various crafty stuff including more string art
string artstring and learnt a new crochet scarf pattern – one for me made in some wool my Mum gave me and another almost finished in a mix of blues and greens to be part of the 2016 Croft 3 crafts for sale next year.

Ady’s been busy with his camera

Davies signed up for some online courses in film making and is mostly counting down the days til his birthday, Scarlett has been doing loads of painting and hanging out with her duck.

I had another article printed in the gorgeous Barefoot Diaries which came out this week barefoot – if you have not heard of the Barefoot Diaries do check out the website I am utterly delighted to have my words printed in such a beautiful piece of collaborative work for the second time.

We completed Pig Move 2015, the first since this years litter. We have kept the existing pig pen area and extended it to around double. All 8 pigs are delighted to have a whole great expanse of fresh grass, flowers, brambles and more to forage around on. Sometime in the next 6 weeks or so we will reduce the numbers from 8 to 4 and the freezer will get filled back up with delicious Croft 3 sausages, bacon and pork.

pig move

And finally we did some socialising too – invited down to dinner at the Harbour Hut BBQ Bothy, recently installed on the campsite here on Rum by one of our residents and hired out as visitor accommodation, cooking space and more. We had a lovely evening meeting lots of interesting people and eating delicious food.

barbecue bothy

Then today a group of them came up to the croft to meet the animals and have a look around. Croft 3 petting zoo opened for business and we had small children hand feeding the birds, cooing over the pigs and enjoying sploshing through the mud while the adults asked questions and learned a bit about our lives here and how we are making things work.

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