About that snow…

First things first…. Hello Mum 🙂

This week has whizzed past with news reports of snow related chaos pretty much everywhere over on the mainland. I can see snow on the peaks across the sea but here on Rum we have had almost nothing in the way of flurries. We’re all pretty disappointed to be honest – we have sledges, a nice steep hill, no worries about traffic jams or road closures, no kids to collect from school and no supermarkets to battle to for panic buying. It would be nice to lob snowballs, build a collection of snow people and animals and cover up the mud with a pretty white blanket.

Poor Bonnie has been recovering from her op, she was happy to take things easy and just pleased to be home and back with us for the first few days, then she had a grumpy few days and then she remembered that she is the most energetic puppy around, used to running for hours every day, chasing deer, rounding up the ducks and geese and generally having a ball and started to go mad at just having four or five lead walks per day. It’s good to see her back to her usual bouncy self and today I took her stitches out and we let her have some outside time playing on the croft. That is it for her recovery I think, it all looks nicely healed so tomorrow she can go back to normal and have freedom to roam once more. She’ll be one next week and I can’t think of a better life for a dog than she has.

In other news research, debate and discussion about house builds continues here constantly – no new information to report and we probably come up with more questions than answers just now. We’re hoping to have some firmer ideas by the end of the month and be able to start planning things properly. We’re at the stage currently of listening to lots of different advice and opinions; the next stage is working out what is relevant and pertinent to us and applying it to our plan of action.

Dragon has been working on an idea for a story based on trolls and vikings here on Rum. He’s created some characters, done some drawings of them and is coming up with a range of stories for them. We’re looking at prices for self printing little colour books for him to sell. He’s also working on extending his sell out range of Christmas cards to include birthday cards, postcards and notelets. Meanwhile Star has been working on some seaglass pendants and keyrings and has plans to take a beach trip to gather more materials. They are both thinking ahead to the tourist season and hoping to have a good stock of stuff ready to sell this year. I’ve said they can have space on our Croft 3 website which I am still getting ready to unveil and can even think about creating their own websites at some point too.

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