A week of everything

It’s been one of those weeks.

A mainland trip and a home coming.

A friend to visit and stay with us.

An anniversary celebration for us and a birthday celebration for a Rum friend. A surprise party, a community meal, a crafternoon gathering and friends up to Goddard Heights to visit. A couple of residents from our neighbouring Small Isle popping over to catch up, bumping into fellow locals on the mainland.

Sales in the Shed Shop, visitors to the island stopping to chat, emails from five potential volunteers wanting to come and work with us.

A broody turkey, broody chicken, three broody geese. Bob the pig finally getting up the croft hill and into the pen with the rest of the pigs, acquainting himself with Barbara and her daughters.

Sowing seeds, potting on, planting out. Fixing raised beds, putting up new fencing. Ordering a new mini polytunnel which we will put up during the summer each year.

Ady and I both catching the sun while working outside in t shirts, sitting on the sporran eating lunch, drinking G&Ts and having a barbecue and then snow falling today.

The first cuckoo heard, the first swallow spotted.

News from family and friends on the mainland putting on island politics into perspective and reminding us once more of how precious life and love are and how we should cherish, protect and appreciate everything we have.

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