A day off, April in earnest, new crafts and FRIENDS!

After the day of digging on Tuesday it was most fortuitous timing to have a day off on Wednesday to meet visiting friends. With insufficient car space to drive all 10 of us to and from the pier we all walked from the boat to the caravan and back, with the exception of Scarlett who has a cold on the way there and Davies, Scarlett and Current Resident Friend on the way back. Bonnie came along for the walk on the second relay too.

Utterly fabulous to have friends here. It was their fourth visit to Rum and this time they left behind their son for a few days, Davies’ best friend since they were 4 – over a decade of friendship.




Scarlett had a lovely few hours with her friend R too and for our part we really enjoyed hanging out with our friends. These are important people to us – they opened their home to us when we were quite literally homeless in the time before we moved to Rum, Barbara was the witness who signed our croft tenancy legal documents.


It is proper April weather this week, by which I mean it is proper Rum weather but for this brief few weeks we get to excuse the constant round of sunshine and showers on it being April. Rainbows a go-go!

In other news while the ferry did not bring my new wellies – maybe tomorrow? It did bring the first batch of craft supplies for The Shed. On the same day as we have run out of the first flavour of jam – no more bramble and violet available until bramble picking season much later in the year (and bramble and cinnamon looks set to be not far behind!) we have introduced our survival wristbands for the adventurous visitors to Rum. 2 metres of paracord (suitable for replacement bootlace, fixing tent guyropes, splitting down into the thinner, longer inside cords) complete with a whistle, blade and firesteel. All hand knotted by me! First sales already made online and in person, I think this might be another winning product line.



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