I’m almost at the end of my year with the self indulgent posts (teens birthdays, end of the actual year, my own birthday) and I do have plenty of mentally half composed posts about crofting stuff and what we’re planning next but first please bear with me while I get my own personal annual All About Me post out of the way.

January 6th is my birthday. This year, 2019, I turned 45. Not a particularly landmark birthday but certainly putting me firmly into my mid 40s. I place I am perfectly happy to be.

I unashamedly love birthdays. I love a day all about me, particularly one so close to Christmas. Birthdays are very indulgent for our little family with the birthday person getting to choose all food and activities for the day.

As I mentioned over Christmas I am very keen to not acquire more ‘stuff’ so when it comes to finding gifts for me I know I can be quite tricky. Years of careful coaching (and often, as this year actually sourcing exactly what I want and directing¬† Ady towards it) mean my usual mantra of something I can eat, drink or use up, or something that is actually regularly useful or beautiful enough to justify itself were all adhered to. I was given gin and chocolate and a gorgeous pendant that I had commissioned myself from a local Hebridean crafter. I first came across Fiona aka The Silver Grasshopper when I admired the silver pendant an Eigg friend and went to check out her website.

I am not a huge jewellery wearer, I have several small earrings which I never change or remove, my wedding ring, eternity ring and a gold ring of my late grandmother’s which my parents gave me when I got married (my wedding ring was hers) and I wear a piece of amber with a trapped cadisfly inside it around my neck. But something about Fiona’s island charms really appealed to me and the idea of having a tiny Rum charm to wear no matter where I may roam to symbolise the importance of this island to me has been something I’ve coveted ever since.¬† And now I have one!

It is perfect. I love everything about it – the supporting a fellow crafter and small business owner, particularly someone local (Fiona is on the Isle of Raasay), the fact it is a one-off made just for me, by hand. Even if someone else has a Rum charm made it won’t be identical to mine as they are all created by hand, but as yet mine is the first and only one in existence.

As usual Davies and Scarlett created amazing cards. Scarlett’s was inspired by one of my favourite photos from a few years ago…

Davies’ was capturing all sorts of tiny details about me, my life and the things I love

We were fortunate to have a dry, mild day so in honour of my birthday everyone came up my hill with me. Scarlett sneaked a flask of tea into her bag too which she presented me with at the top.

We never quite seem to manage to organise a birthday cake – often this is because there is still Christmas cake needing to be eaten and I am not a big cake-eater anyway. This year the reason was a complete lack of eggs on the island so we tried to make jellies in our number moulds for a 4 and a 5 but failed to de-mould them very well so I had a bowl of brandy snaps and some birthday sparklers – perfect!

A friend came up to bring a present and stay for a cup of tea and chats, another friend dropped by while we were out with a gift and I had plenty of messages and phonecalls from family and friends too. It was a lovely day.

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