11th Hour

Right at the very end of the week we finally got out and did some digging on the house plot.

It was very slippery and I fell over – cue much hilarity from Ady at the time and delayed hilarity from Davies and Scarlett when we came in for coffee later and I was sporting a muddy bum on my jeans.

Three residents walked past as we were digging and paused for a chat. This, coupled with the stunning views and sound of the river running by and the sun shining down on us reminded me anew of why this is the perfect spot.

It’s very hard to visualise what might be there this time next year standing on that spot just now. The build is such an organic, making it up as we go along process that I can’t even sketch what the finished house will look like. We know the floor plan and the size but so much of the rest is as yet uncertain. We have contingency plans for worst case scenarios of unfinished build, no interest in people wanting to come and help, mad weather or plagues of midges or locusts or toads…

For me that is what is so exciting – everyone who comes and gets involved will place their own stamp on the build. It will symbolise what a group of people can come together and create. It will carry the mark of every single person and their creativity, ideas and vision. If we were not the ones here making it happen it is definitely the sort of project the four of us would be signing up to go and be a part of. We got such a kick out of being part of something bigger than us when we were WWOOFing in 2011. We love knowing that the things we do here on Rum today will live on much longer than we will survive to see – planting trees that will outlive us, contributing to village plans for the island which hopefully will create the framework for generations of people in Rum’s future.

Does that put a little tingle in your tummy at all? If so then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “11th Hour”

  1. You’ve broken ground – congratulations!

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what are the permissions and suchlike for your build? Do you need to have a structural engineer approve it beforehand? I’m interested to learn about any bureaucracy involved. (If it’s too big an answer for a reply in the comments, maybe a post about it?!)

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