Reading List – possible last in random series for a while

I’ve finished The Council of Dads: Family, Fatherhood, and Life Lessons to Leave My Daughters and it was excellent. Some really powerful messages in there about family, friendship, life, health and What It’s All About.

I think sometimes books about people changing their life can be slightly tedious reading, there is a danger of the author coming across as smug, patronising or just too different to the reader that it all becomes irrelevant. I guess the reason all of the books I have been reading lately have been such enjoyable reads is that just now they are all incredibly relevant as I’m reading them at the beginning of a period of change, introspection and adventuring. All of that said though even if you are only after a bit of vicarious armchair adventuring through the pages of a good book I can heartily recommend all of the books I have mentioned in previous posts – now contained in a list on amazon which you can find here.

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