Moneyless Man and Council of Dads

I finished the The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living and thought it was an excellent read; inspiring, funny, touching and heartening. One of those books that make you want to contact the author and say ‘I’d like to be your mate’ :).
It had some great stuff about how we came to use money, made me wonder just why we do all accept that pieces of paper are worth anything at all and some excellent and thought provoking stuff about bartering and skillswap.

I’ve just started reading The Council of Dads: Family, Fatherhood, and Life Lessons to Leave My Daughters which I heard being talked about on the radio ages ago. I mentioned it to a friend who did go and read it and said it was good so I ordered a copy from the library and it’s just turned up. I’m about half way through and although it isn’t directly related to what we’re about to do it does have plenty of thoughtful, life lesson stuff going on in it. It’s making me really glad my children are already of an age to have clear memories of me to take forward (although I very much hope to be there reinforcing them), pleased that Dragon and Star have a really honest idea of who I am and what makes me tick and that in spending next year in such close quarters with each other that relationship will  be further strengthened, along with becomming closer to Ady.

My favourite message from the books so far is the 2% idea from his Dad. He takes an idea to his Dad when he is in his 20s, to do something he’s never done before. His Dad offers the same advice he gave to his older brother a few years previously when he asked for advice about whether he should emigrate – take a year, give it a try. When you are 50 it will mean you spent 2% of your life trying something – if it worked, great. If it didn’t, hey what’s 2% ?! I like that.

I’m running out of books in my pile to read before we go, but then I’m running out of time to read them before we go anyway!

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