Taking Requests

A few people have mentioned they like seeing pictures on the blog, so always happy to show off the gorgeous Dragon and Star (and chuck in a few of Ady and I for good measure) here are a few from the last couple of weeks.

Last week we were thrilled to have a visit from my parents, who we’re missing despite regular phonecalls. We were in North Wales which is where Dad grew up so it was great to visit some of his childhood landmarks. We stayed in a campsite while Mum & Dad had a room in a hotel.

Dragon and Star paddling in the stream at the campsite

The village my Dad grew up in. It now has a sign telling the history of the village along with photographs.

including this one of his grandad, my great-grandad, Dragon & Star’s great-great-grandad!

Standing outside the school house Grandad went to nearly 70 years ago, with his grandchildren who don’t go to school – there’s progress!

we have pictures through years and years of various family standing on this bridge. The house in the foreground is where Dad lived as a boy. His initials are carved into the bridge somewhere, this time we didn’t manage to find them.

A picture kindly taken by a fellow drinker in the pub one evening. We were playing silly songs on the juke box and having a great time.

another venue we have many pictures of us at through the ages – standing on the roadside at the Horseshoe Pass, North Wales. I wonder if Dragon and Star will continue to add to the library of these location pictures…
This week we are at a host in North Wales and enjoying a great mix of tasks including picking fruits – here we are with a haul of blackcurrants

Beekeeping – our hosts keep bees and also run courses in beekeeping. We were lucky enough to have a guided tour of their hives and Dragon and Star got to be chief smoker-operators

Star looking like an astronaut in her beekeeping suit


3 thoughts on “Taking Requests”

  1. what a great bunch of photos. how comforting to be able to catch up with your parents and share some familiar places with your family whilst on such a big adventure.

  2. funny, cos my friend was just asking how they get the smoke in the cans, prior to smoking the bees. can you possibly enlighten me?

    Also, “Hi!”, i found you via nixwilliams (nixwilliams, i found you via dear-prudence). as nix has said before somewhere, this blog has pretty much everything! thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures.

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