what a difference a day makes

as the song goes…

We had a phonecall from Happily Bodging Mechanic (who I may now love enough to call the whole Wandering Wonderers shebang off for an go and marry him instead!) to say Willow is MOT’d and ready for collection. Bargain price of just £150 and we’re picking her up in the morning.

I’ve just been so fretful the last week or so that we would not have her back in time so it’s a huge relief.

A week from now we will both have had our last days at work, the house should be empty except for heavy furniture and we’ll be getting ready for a housefull of people for our ‘Bye Then’ party which local and not-so-local friends will be coming along to wave us off at.

So, Seven Day Plan needs to kick in to get us to that point:

  1. Saturday Get Willow here. Clean up my car inside and out ready to be used as Working Vehicle throughout next week. Clean up Willow inside and out ready to be used as Home for next year. Visit supermarket with a view to working out emergency rations of food to be kept in van. Work out wardrobe plans for Willow (shelves, stacking boxes?). Attend Goodbye Meal at friends house in the evening. Box some stuff up. 
  2. Sunday Spent time with parents. Go laptop shopping with Mum who wants to ensure she keeps abreast of our adventure online. Cook roast dinner using up final two joints of meat in the freezer. Box some more stuff up. Check with parents when stuff can start coming over to their house for storage.
  3. Monday attend local Home Ed nature reserve meet up in the morning. Make some phonecalls in the afternoon. Start using Mifi from Three as I think that is the day the internet access and landline stop working in the house. Box more stuff up.
  4. Tuesday email first few hosts to confirm dates, give contact details etc. Hopefully start moving boxes over to parents house. Attend last book group meeting in the evening for emotional farewell to book group friends.
  5. Wednesday more moving boxes to parents house, party planning and preparation.
  6. Thursday  my last day at work. Spent time putting last books back on shelf, issuing last books to last borrowers, having last tea breaks with last colleagues. Will wear waterproof mascara. In the evening have my leaving meal with colleagues. Top up waterproof mascara.
  7. Friday Ady’s last day, will pass him the waterproof mascara before he goes off to work. Finish any party prep and get empty house ready for guests.

So, that’ll be boxing mostly, while wearing waterproof mascara, which I may have already put in a box somewhere…

5 thoughts on “what a difference a day makes”

  1. Wow! You really are an inspiration & your list making is amazing. The mechanic may be a useful man to marry… but I think you’ll have more fun WWOOFing! Have a good week. Kay 🙂

  2. This whole thing is so ‘not me’ that I was astonished to find that just I had a big explosion of excited butterflies while reading this! It’s such an adventure and I love the idea of you setting off and finding Spring. 🙂

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