Wibbly heap ahoy!

You were warned!

I think we did most of last weeks job list along with some of this weeks too. The garage and garden wall have been painted and I’ve contacted all the Zone three hosts. The kids have waterproof coats, thermals, decent boots and waterproof trousers. I have my years supply of contact lenses. The van is still at the garage and we’ve given notice to anyone who needs it about our impending departure.

Our plan is to start boxing the house up now, storing the boxes in our playroom and then moving them into storage the week before we go. Once we get the van back we will start filling it with stuff coming with us. On our final weekend we should just have beds, sofas and other too large to fit into a car left in the house. We have friends staying for our Bye Then party and then 2 full days left (we’ll have both finished work) to fully clean the house, hire a van to move the last heavy / large things into storage before locking the door behind us and dropping the keys off with the letting agent.

Lots of people are asking how we’re feeling now it is all so real and imminent and the answer is ‘excited and scared in about equal measures’.

Excited because this is something we so want to do and have been planning for months, it’s a relief it is finally here, it’s been quite a logistical event to pull off and I’m personally quite proud of making it all happen. What felt like a mammoth task ahead with lots of scary variables has indeed proved possible to get this far in. I’m excited to be on the brink of what I think will be a life changing event and catalyst for all sorts of things in the future of all four of us aswell as looking forward to the year for it’s own sake – spending time together, meeting some very interesting new people, living with less stuff, getting fitter and healthier, having an adventure and creating a story to tell for when we’re old and grey bouncing grandchildren on our knees.

Scared because there is of course so many different ways it could go wrong. Working phyically leaves many chances for injury or being incapacitated let alone just getting ill with colds or flu or other bugs. Scared because although we have a small contingency fund along with a tiny monthly income we will be living on very tight finances. If the house needed something expensive doing or the tenants left or failed to pay we’d be in trouble, if the van breaks down and can’t be fixed in one day we have nowhere to sleep that night. We might find ourselves staying with people we don’t like or have different expectations of each other. I know Ady is apprehensive about keeping the kids safe and happy in so many unknown locations. I’m nervous about food, whether we’ll like what’s offered and what happens if we don’t, how I’ll cope with the many, many dogs we are bound to encounter along the way!

So… boxes.

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