Green Kids

 Dragon and Star are pretty tough on their clothing and shoes. I don’t remember the last time either of them wore a pair of jeans they hadn’t already gone through the knees on or a T shirt that doesn’t have ground in stains of mud or paint, or a pair of shoes without soles full of mud, animal poo and lumps of grass.

Neither of them are huge followers of fashion, preferring instead their own style of favourite colours (Dragon likes red, yellow, camouflage; Star favours black and blue *never* pink!), comfort and clothes that don’t hamper them in their pursuits of climbing trees, clambering over fences, playing hard and working with animals. If it happens to have an animal on it somewhere so much the better as far as Star is concerned too.

We tend to buy second hand clothes; I like buying from charity shops as it supports the charity, is a greener option, allows us to buy cheaper but better quality and ensures they don’t look like everyone else wearing this seasons cheap, mass produced supermarket or high street choices. But when we do buy new we are looking for ethical choices, fair trade natural materials, good quality built to stand up to the demanding wear of real kids living in the real world.

It’s quite a tall order to tick all of those boxes and still produce something Dragon and Star both fall on, put on straight away and have to be prised out of to shove in the wash – with the promise of having it washed and dried ready to wear again tomorrow but these rather fab sweatshirts from Green Kids more than fit the bill.

Dragon and Star recommend them for wearing for all of the following pursuits:

 helping to chop down trees

feeding the pigs,

catching up with horses,

chatting with the sheep,

running wild and free in fields and meadows,

climbing over walls, fences, fallen tree stumps, hills etc.

identifying wild flowers (it was from the buttercup family)

and being in awe of oak trees so old and ancient they were probably around before grandad was born!