Archiving a life?

I have a few blogs littering the internet covering various periods of my life or telling stories about specific issues. There is one about money and debt, a couple about Home Education, an early self sufficiency blog which in many ways was the forerunner to our WWOOFing adventure and subsequent Rum days. None of them are still in use other than for the occasional nostalgic wander down memory lane which I take from time to time.

In many ways that would probably be the most appropriate fate for this blog.I am in the (slow) process of writing a book about our year of travel, which may even be followed by a book about the Rum years. As any aspiring book author will tell you though, life often gets in the way. A beautiful irony when for most authors it is life – either living their own or observing and imaging the lives of others – which is what they are writing about. Finding that balance between living and documenting is always the challenge.

There are aspects of our lives now which are not for public consumption – to be fair there was only ever a selected and edited amount up for public consumption anyway, whether at the hands of us choosing what to share, or the more professional filmmaking, directing and editing skills of Channel Five TV show producers (which is how some readers will have found us – hopefully a rather more 3 dimensional and fuller story is here than the two 40 minute snapshots which were made for TV moments and soundbites of our lives). Our Good, Bad, Learned reflections are no longer something we choose to share widely for example. However the story is far from over and for the sake of the ‘what happened next?’, for which I am*not* planning on starting another blog I have a few updates which are for sharing.

So, over six months from my last post here, what has been going on? More to follow in the next few posts. (Some of which may be sneakily backdated to fit with timelines if only to be tidy for my own future nostalgic wanderings through here.)