Is this the real life?

I’m torn between wanting to believe this is a hiatus and a pause, that we will one day return to what we previously considered ‘normal’ or the suspicion that just like those fuzzy lost days of brand new parenthood you never in fact return to normal, you just adjust to a brand new life which after a while becomes normal instead.

I guess we’re all wondering the same.

This is my August catch up post, when we had at least a bit of a play at returning to the pre covid world even if there were considerable and constant reminders that we may never in actual fact be in a post covid world.

My new job as editor of the local newspaper had me aiming to get out and about, meet as many of the stockists and regular advertisers as I could and familiarise myself with some of the corners of the peninsulas we call home but I’d not yet managed to visit as possible. This was sort of work but not very arduous work.

For one of my other jobs I ran an eco art workshop which was lots of fun.

The garden provided plenty of harvesting of peas, beans, courgettes, broccoli, tomatoes, edible flowers and herbs.

Then in a real return to things we had missed a lot we had a day at the pared down Edinburgh festival seeing three shows which was just so special. There was such a collective feeling of gratitude to be with people, watching or being performers. It was quite emotional.

Our lovely friend E came to stay for a few nights

Meanwhile I stayed down in Glasgow for a few nights having some time with very old friends (the friendships are old, not the actual friends!)

Much fun was had, much drink was drunk, much singing was sung… and I got to swim in Loch Lomond too!

Back at home our nephew who had been staying with us for the summer headed back down south and we had a lovely visit from our sister in law and niece when they came to collect him.

We finished the month off back as a household of four once again but with a book and arts festival right here in the village which was fantastic for reminding us that while it’s lovely to get out and about further afield what we have right here is really very special too.