The world of Rum

A friend who used to live on Rum visited last weekend. Scarlett and I headed off island on Monday to collect Cousin M who is visiting for a couple of weeks. On Thursday it was our community association AGM and a community vote on one of the issues surrounding the future of the island development. Yesterday and today a group of six young men who are here on the island to celebrate a stag night came to the shed shop to buy eggs and jam. This morning it rained putting off the teens planned expedition across the island and keeping me indoors where I came up with an idea for a new line in the shop, spent a couple of hours listening to the radio and perfecting the idea before taking a bag of new paracord midge keyrings down to the shed, labelling them up and moving things around to make a space for them. I also gathered a couple of large stones from the river bank, washed them in the river, dried them on my jeans and used them in my shed display.

Where am I going with this?

It’s a normal, and completely abnormal week. As in, nothing out of the ordinary happened because there is no ordinary. Here on Rum everything is always constantly changing while other things remain just the same. I suppose that is true of life everywhere and it will be so interesting to note the difference once we are not here.


midge keyrings